Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - FFE

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (FFE) is a strong national knowledge center in the field of entrepreneurship education, both with regard to implementation and research about its effects. FFE has a strong industry network and a tradition for including industry partners in educational activities. FFE is also member of JA World-wide, who works in over 100 countries. Moreover, FFE is collaborating with universities, entrepreneurship-supporting organisations, programme leaders, educators, as well as practicing entrepreneurs and financiers of new ventures.

FFE has sustainable entrepreneurship as a strategic goal for 2020-2025 and has mapped activities and education programs in the area of green and impact entrepreneurship at the Danish higher education institutions.

FFE is the coordinator of the project and responsible for the analysis and evaluation activities.

Emilie Normann, Head of Research, analysis and higher education, emilie@ffefonden.dk
Kåre Moberg, Research leader, kaare@ffefonden.dk
Susanne Kærn Christiansen, Project coordinator, susanne@ffefonden.dk

Copenhagen Business School - CBS

23 September 2021

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) is the center for practical and applied entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.