NordSEnt report:

Sustainable entrepreneurship in the Nordic and Baltic region - Examples of sustainable entrepreneurship courses and initiatives at higher education institutions

The report concludes the work made during the NordSEnt project period (August 2021 - July 2022) and contains 17 best practices described in detail (and additional initiatives in an appendix) and provides a list of recommendations aimed at the institutional level and at the level of academia and educators.

The report was published at the NordSEnt conference at IVA in Stockholm on 14-15 June - read more under Events

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Sustainable entrepreneurship - a study of how the term is understood and implemented in Danish universities

The study looks at five courses in sustainable entrepreneurship at three Danish universities. Although limited in scope, the study has contributed with many insights into the way educators understand and attach meaning to the increased focus on sustainable development and how this understanding can be transfered to the students.

The report moreover gives insight into the research behind and the evaluation of the new competences.

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Sustainable Business Development - Frameworks for
Idea Evaluation and Cases of Realized Ideas

Report (2016) by Sverker Alänge and Mats Lundqvist from Chalmers University.

The report is about developing sustainable businesses with a focus on early stages and on innovation in an open environment, relatively
unconstrained by organizational or other demands. The setting is primarily the university, and especially the side of the university that nurtures new ideas to grow – sometimes into ventures, and sometimes into projects, but always with the intention of making an impact upon sustainable development – economic, ecological, and social development.

The majority of the examples in the book are written by the doers themselves. The editors have asked the authors to add reflections, and have also added some reflections of our own in the final chapter. The first part of the book focuses on frameworks and the second part on cases.

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Event video:

On 12 Nov 2021, NordSEnt launched its network in a hybrid event at Station, CBS.

See the event video here: Launch of the network seminar

The video takes 1 hour. The contents and approximate times are:

00:00 – 05:00 : Introduction by Emilie Normann, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship
05:00 – 14:00 : Central barriers to sustainable entrepreneurship education, by Kåre Moberg, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship
14:00 – 20:00 : Competences for sustainable entrepreneurship, by Anne-Karen Hueske, Copenhagen Business School
20:00 – 27:00 : Take-aways from group work on: Relevant competences and how to teach them
27:00 – 46:00 : Model and logic, putting it into practice in a 6-semester framework, by Jim Seltenrijch and Marge Täks, Estonia Business School
46:00 – 58:00 : Take-aways from group work on: What aspects of sustainability could be embedded into each phase?
58:00 – 1:00:00 : Wrap up, by Emilie Normann,

Download the presentation from Estonian Business School and the group work templates below.

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era: Putting it into practice in a 6-semester framework

Groupwork template with notes


Entrepreneurship with a purpose

Publication 2020 (in Danish)

This is a comprehensive overview of initiatives within sustainability and entrepreneurship on 23 Danish higher education institutions. The purpose of this publication was to fulfill the need for such an overview of sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives at Danish HEIs.

The climate crisis is a topic of great interest, not least among young students and entrepreneurs many of whom are already developing sustainable solutions. Young people's commitment is a unique possibility for higher education institutions to contribute to a greener future.

The publication is in Danish. Download it here, or go to the online version here: Online version


June 2020

The factsheet "VidenOm" (in Danish) is about the possibilities and challenges which sustainable entrepreneurship provides - especially to the educations and to young entrepreneurs. 

The first part gives an overview of the political background, the research and recommendations. 

The second part provides a preliminary mapping of initiatives on the higher education level in Denmark.

The factsheet is in Danish.

Read the first part - background and discussion

Read the second part - inspirational catalogue