About the network

The Nordic Sustainable Entrepreneurship Network (NordSEnt) is a collaboration between higher education institutions in four Nordic and Baltic countries (see Partners). NordSEnt aims to increase the numbers of sustainable entrepreneurs at universities in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This is done through the establishment of a platform which focuses on collaboration, knowledge and experience at universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of focusing on green technology and sustainable entrepreneurship. More and more young people and students want to work for a better and more sustainable society, and many of them see entrepreneurship as an effective way to crate impact. Investments in entrepreneurship programmes and student incubators have proven to be an efficient means to increase students’ awareness of green entrepreneurship as a potential career choice.

In this project, the partners will establish and extend the network, map sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives at Nordic universities, and communicate the work and results in two online seminars and one two-day implementation seminar (See Events)

The NordSEnt project is funded by Nordplus. The project period is August 2021-July 2022.

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is project coordinator and responsible for this website.